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We stretch, stretch & grow,
It's good for us we know.
We exercise and eat what's wise,

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And we stretch, Stretch-n-Grow!

Stretch-n-Grow of Maryland
EMAIL: director@sngofmd.com
Phone: 703.409.1055

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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of Maryland!

Stretch-n-Grow is the world's largest fitness and nutrition program for children. Since 1992, Stretch-n-Grow has partnered with thousands of childcare providers to teach children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. By making fitness fun, Stretch-n-Grow

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encourages kids to love to exercise while providing a strong foundation of
great fitness habits that result in good health, strength, confidence and positive attitudes. 

Classes are 30 minutes of fun! The program teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle with weekly emphasis on exercise and good food choices.   Our curriculum covers a range of wellness issues including self-esteem, safety, hygiene, and nutrition. Together with our team of certified fitness professionals, we invite you to come and discover, Stretch-n-Grow!
              The World's Largest Fitness        Program for Children! 

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